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Naperville, IL
reply to MaxPowers

Re: [POLL]Which GW2 Server?

said by MaxPowers:

said by stvnbrs:

said by MaxPowers:

In the end i doubt it really maters which server we pick.

Considering that it doesn't look like you can split your toons between servers and it will cost real money to transfer, this may be a pretty significant decision.

Yes, but with 1 time zone, server guesting/overflow, matchmaking wvwvw, game wide economy, ect the decision may not be as big as we all think.

I don't know what buffs or how significant the buffs given from wvwvw will be, but i'm sure they won't be a huge advantage.

Just some thoughts...

Guesting will certainly help, but you cant WvWvW as a guest. You can chat, group and guild invite cross server so thats nice. So no, it shouldnt be that big a deal, unless you want to WvWvW with the rest of the people here, but I think many of them want to do just that.

Also, I thought I read somewhere in this thread that WvWvW was not supposed to be like a battlegroup where if one side was dominate you were just SOL. I thought someone said that after each WvWvW, the winners would play other winners and such.