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Grand Rapids, MI

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Re: Can YOU Crack The Gauss Uber-Virus Encryption?

said by norwegian:

You should know by now sijaline is pro ESET. Any time there is a new big nasty, it is all ESET. We get called fanboyz for being one-eyed and narrow minded it doesn't help the users out there looking for info......you will have to just get used to the new ESET clan, better late than never, as it was a lot better program once; but then we say that about a lot of A/V's over time.

Yes..well I have been a member of Wilder's since September 21st, 2002 under a different handle...as Security Expert..and I think it is a great forum..nice people..fair minded with the content..there is no fanboyz stuff that I see..forums are there for a purpose..laid out very well..and everyone is always helpful and courteous.
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