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Cable One Standard ( A La Carte) Package

I just started using this service today, their site makes no sense to me what so ever, so I did some googling and found this forum. Basically all I need to know is, is this the $50 dollars a month plan/the one with no data limits. I've emailed them and didn't really get any where and I can't call customer service, because I have no house or cell phone at the moment. So any short/helpful answers?

John Patrick

Sioux City, IA
Short answer yes you have limits its set in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Which you can read here »www.cableone.net/Pages/interneta ··· aup.aspx the A La Carte package is the 5mbps plan so your limited to 3 Gigabytes a day tracked from 8am to midnight. Now are they enforcing that well that depends on where you live and how often you hit the cap. I've hit the cap 8 times in one month and no letter or warning so far, your results may differ. Now if you want to see how much bandwidth cableone shows you used just go to www.cableone.net then click My Services, My Account log in and click on My Bandwidth.


reply to Alty
You could email them at support@cableone.biz if you did not already.