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Hilo, HI

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Re: Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.271

But that link is trash. It wants to install McAfee!! Do you and siljane have some deal going with McAfee?

How can either of you claim that link is the one that "lay people that are instructed to install the software without the Bell & Whistles" should choose? The link I suggested, and that is in the other thread in this forum about Flash install, does NOT want to install any crap on your computer. It is the one that lay users that fit YOUR description should use, not the link you persist in foisting on users every time Adobe has a Flash update and then we end up with a second thread with the best link that doesn't try to fool users into installing McAfee or whatever garbage Adobe is pushing that month.

The better link simply lets you install Flash Player with nothing to confuse or mislead anyone like your link does. For users that are totally ignorant about computers, Flash update should be on automatic and you should not be giving them a link to any download page because it updates automatically (that auto update is not ideal but better than the totally ignorant user ending up with two antivirus programs conflicting and not knowing what to do)!

When you post here, you are posting for users who have some knowledge about computers but they can get distracted by the link you keep giving and accidentally install garbage along with Flash update so why give them that bad link? If that link had OPT IN to get the garbage (such as McAfee) also installed that would be ok but Adobe has deliberately made that OPT OUT in the hopes of ensnaring folks who are distracted and not paying enough attention to see that they need to uncheck that box. I don't believe Adobe should be rewarded for this despicable behavior. The clean link is what you should link to unless you are benefiting somehow from giving a crap link that Adobe hopes to fool users with.
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Rialto, CA
I always check those Adobe instalers (and installers in general) for the other apps that are offered and uncheck them. Don't users here always do that regardless of the link offered in a post? That said, I am using an older version of Flash now because the newer ones don't work right on my system. So, I'll have to take my chances, but I'm pretty careful.
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fuck it

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Montreal, QC
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said by Mele20:

But that link is trash. It wants to install McAfee!! Do you and siljane have some deal going with McAfee?

Yes, selling trash gets big bucks. Ya'll should try it.