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Re: Freephoneline.ca - Why is it so good?

I'm not sure where the claim of lack of support from FPL comes from. They are open 24/7, and in my experience they've done a good job.

$50 would get eaten up pretty fast if you are using voip.ms as your primary phone line, since voip.ms actually charges you for all inbound calls, as well as all outgoing ones.

If you are using a mobile phone as primary and voip.ms is secondary then you are already paying a substantial amount per month for phone service to robellus (or another company) and this is kind of a silly conversation to debate how much extra, on top of the 50/100/150 per month in fees/charges/taxes/plan costs one will pay for a secondary phone line.

Fort Erie, ON
You may want to educate yourself on voip.ms' offerings before you make incorrect statements about the costs as there are unlimited incoming options available. Furthermore, anything that's "free" is not going to have the same effort of support as something that customers pay for will. That is just a fact of life. If a FPL connection goes down and you're getting it for free, what obligation does the provider have to you to get it fixed when you can't exactly vote with your wallet?

For the record, I run a business off of voip.ms with a local and toll-free DID and multiple simultaneous choice channels and a separate dedicated fax DID and channel. On Premium routing, the entire month of july cost us $15 - that's total costs for the minutes and the DIDs. You're not going to use more than that at home. Other than the internal wiring issues I have here at the store that have been driving me batshit insane I have had zero issues with the actual SIP accounts or the routing itself.