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There's a reason I'm Command.
Washington, DC

What a gorgeous day

If you haven't been outside this afternoon, GET OUT AND ENJOY IT SOME! I had lunch over at Cafe Berlin on Cap Hill. Delightful. Haven't been there for quite a few years. The Restaurant Week menu was excellent.

In hummingbird news: I think the button was pressed that initiates their "tank up like crazy frenzy." There's been all sorts of hummingbird drama on the balcony today...saw 5 of them squabbling at one point this morning. They didn't even care that I was out there...they were zipping all around within inches of me like I wasn't there. This also means they probably will be by constantly for the next month and then take off for their winter haven.
"Dance like the photo isn't being tagged; love like you've never been unfriended; and tweet like nobody is following."

Salisbury, MD
It was a nice day out here in DC, but I am am looking at it through a window at National Children's hospital, one of my kids is staying overnight for tests. Looks like I will be driving home tomorrow in the rain.

Man this place has slow public wi-fi.

Southeast of disorder
Springfield, VA
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reply to DC DSL
As far as the state of hummingbirds. I was off early this afternoon and went out back to check on the feeders.

For some reason it was strangely quiet and all our hummingbirds were buzzing around something in the bushes behind the place. It turns out a hawk had come through to try his luck with the birds our seed feeder attracts. He missed and was sitting on a branch in the bush.

The hummingbirds had launched a concerted attack on him. It was amazing. Five or six of those guys just buzzing his head.
Once he left they went back to fighting each other over the feeder, which is being drained rapidly.