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Township Of Washington, NJ
reply to webcobbler

Re: CBS Sports Network HD?

said by webcobbler :

in VHO 7 , both 594, and 596 have been removed from the Guide since a day after the Olympics were over.

Ever since, no test patterns have been put up on either of those channels. Same goes for ch. 1003

I'm in VHO7 and I still have test paterns on both, at least it was a couple of hours ago


I still stick to my previous post. Nothing has changed.


I have noticed today that the test patterns are back on channels 594 and 596. They were taken off as soon as the Olympics were over. At least in my area. The 3D ch. 1003 is not up, as the other two channels are.

Now you can access them by channel up or down, and putting the ch. number into the Guide. However they do no show up in the Guide, and both channels say: "Program Information Not Available."

Can this be an indication of one or two additional HD channel coming soon? Or is it a glitch, and the channels just appeared again here, but Never were taken off of test patterns in other VHO's? Sort of how when the IFC channels moved to another location, and Smithsonian channel as well. Those "old" channel were up in the Guide for months before they were taken off the Guide.


Redondo Beach, CA
CBS SN - 594
P12 Net - 596

Thats my story and sticking with it.


Haha. Here's hoping for both those channels, in those slots, and in HD soon.


reply to Bolt1963

CBS Sports Network and PAC-12 HD?

If these two channels would be added that would be awesome.