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thinking of switching to wow, looking for input on 15Mbps

Like the title states I am thinking of switching to WOW and going with the 15Mbps speed.
I wanted to ask people what kind of speed they get during peak traffic hours. I'm currently with Comcast and while I get 30+ at off peak it drops down to 10-12 during peak times.
I'm trying to save a couple of bucks here by going with 15 over 30 but if it drops to anything below 9Mbps it would be better to go with 30 I think.


Park Ridge, IL
I was in the exact same situation and was hesitant about switching as well. In my case though I never had any speed drops during peek hours... so I always got 30+ down which was nice. I recently switched to the 15 down plan and have not noticed any speed drops during any time of the day. I'm pretty sure this varies greatly by area and how many users are in your node, but WOW likes to pride itself in saying that they have a very small number of customers in each node when compared to Comcast. I'd say based on what I've heard from WOW and other customers that you're less likely to see speed drops during peak hours (or not see them at all like myself) with WOW like you were seeing with Comcast.


Trenton, MI
reply to heyyouguys
I'm also pretty satisfied with the 15 and get consistent results


reply to AlexE4
Thank you. I actually contacted them by phone and they said they guaranteed 80% throughput.

Big Jimmy

reply to heyyouguys
It will be based on your area, and how hard people hit it, but I've always gotten rock solid connections, and rarely (if ever) don't get my full 15.


Utica, MI
reply to heyyouguys
Whether it be with Comcast or WOW, your realized speeds will be the most consistent if you utilize a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Your traffic will be spread out over multiple channels, which will help negate the effects of any overloaded nodes or peak hours congestion.

The Joker

reply to heyyouguys
Always get full speeds at 15mb during peak hours


Westland, MI
reply to heyyouguys
i always get the 15Mpbs during any hour of the day.


reply to heyyouguys
My speeds are pretty consistent. The only times I get less, tend to be holidays, etc....


Des Plaines, IL
reply to heyyouguys
where are you there are some big missing channels on WOW tv that you get on comcast.


Plymouth, MI
Comcast has more sports and On Demand content, but for general entertainment WOW is very competitive. WOW also costs less overall and has a superior multi-room DVR product.