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reply to PastTense

Re: Anyone understand physics of the electromagnetic spectrum?

said by PastTense:

I don't see how you can handle 2 million 5 Mbps connections off of one satellite. Could someone explain the physics of this?

Any comments on what kind of caps this service will have?

I think that's a bit of an overblown estimate, at least if the connections were actually being used concurrently.

Unfortunately, I'm guessing (as there hasn't been an official announcement on them) it will be around Exede which is still pretty disappointing for the price point / latency.

Even if they do have all the "extra capacity" I imagine they're going to cap it aggressively.

Exede plans range from 7.5GB ($50)-25GB($130) Monthly; I imagine the prices and caps will be similar.

Historically Hughes plans have been daily (Tallying up to around the same ranges of data), but it might change with the new service.