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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

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Re: [TV] Casselberry, FL - Tivo Premiere and Tuning Adapter Issu

I know exactly how to fix this Do a reset to defaults on the TiVo. This is the destructive one that erases everything and takes about two hours. Once done your TA will work just fine. This happens sometimes when you bring your TiVo from another provider. WARNING...THIS ERASES EVERYTHING I DO MEAN EVERYTHING.

If you want me to call you just to confirm the symptoms and service status open a direct forums thread and I will be in touch.


How do I delete or clear all recordings and preferences?

By performing the procedure below, you will return your TiVo DVR to its factory settings, which means that you will erase all Season Passes, WishLists and settings.

WARNING: If you have a DVR with CableCARD(s), you will need to have each CableCARD paired (bound) again after the DVR completes the Clear & Delete Everything process.

A screen will pop up to notify you that you need to contact your cable provider if you tune to a copy-protected channel. Analog, unencrypted, and encrypted channels that are not copy protected will be viewable without having the cards paired.

To delete or clear all recordings and preferences, go to TiVo Central:

TiVo with HD menus: Go to Messages & settings > Help > Restart or Reset System > Clear and Delete Everything.

TiVo with SD menus: Go to Messages & Settings >Restart or Reset System > Clear and Delete Everything.

NOTE: As a safety measure, you will need to press THUMBS DOWN three times and then ENTER to begin Clear and Delete Everything. This process can take several hours to complete.