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Late Evening Unable to Load Webpages?

This forum isn't that active but it's actually the closest I can find to a decent, relatively unbiased support forum.

Using Cricket Broadband, has anyone in the Chicago area found that in the late evening (10 PM-Midnight) service gets slow, or even unable to load any pages?

The past couple nights it's done this to me - I'll connect, and it will literally fail to load Google.com. The odd thing is it doesn't explicitly fail with the generic Firefox failed-to-load error with the 'try again' button, but rather it sits there with a blank white window. It does this with virtually all websites, and connectivity of other applications is dead.

Tried IE to make sure it wasn't just a firefox thing, and IE does the same thing; every webpage is blank white.

The more odd thing - the only webpage that loads is bb.mycricket.com, and the user//account info page. The funny thing is I've paid my bill ahead of time (after hearing they'll redirect you there if you've got an outstanding bill).

My usage for this pay period is only at 30% according to the website, and I KNOW I'm no where near hitting the 8GB cap on my plan.

Trying to disconnect/reconnect does NOT establish a connection - it stays 'dead' for a period of time until it magically feels like working again.

Any suggestions?