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Staten Island, NY

Weatherproof connect/disconnect box

I recently purchased a home and begrudgingly signed up with cable internet. I am coming from FiOS, so this is going to be hard. My goal is to prewire the interior wiring, so that they can connect at the street end of the house and just leave it at that.

The previous owner, had about 10 different service entrances, ranging from Cable, to dish to telephone. My plan is to snip and seal these holes up. I want ONE point of entrance.

At some point, I believe my street will have FiOS, most of the surrounding area has FiOS.

So to that end, what i am looking for is some sort of external box, similar to FiOS, that is weatherproofed, so that regardless of provider/service, it's one point of entrance.

What kind of box would one use for this? any advice?

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You can find weatherproof demarc boxes here:
» ··· erproof/

While you can prewire, most cable companies won't just connect at the street end and leave it at that. They'll want to hook up every outlet you want, test them, and possibly charge you for it.
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Your Cable Co. Should provide you with a house box at time of install that once mounted it belongs to you. I would rip out all of the old stuff and when installer comes have them run new coax. If all you're getting is internet that wiring cost should be included in the insall fee. this will be much cheaper than buying materials and tools to properly do the job.