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Cary, NC

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reply to Skittles

Re: [Cataclysm] Tired of the attitude

said by Skittles:

you dont have to have a social commitment to any decent behavior.

THIS.. . OMG This.
Players used to be called out on a server for playing / being a douche until they changed their name or server transferred. Once you introduce anonymity, a person's true values show and unfortunately it seems more value self than group. (Though there are select few, Immer's guild being a golden egg among a sea of crap).

When you compare this game to eating out for dinner, it is easy to provide an analogy the the new quality of the game we consume. Helpful isn't the appetizer, fun isn't the entree and community is no longer the sweet reward in this once gourmet meal of an mmo. Instead it is a all-you-can-eat buffet where you need to watch out for the hungry hippo behind you because they will shove your ass out of the way to get that last bite of gear. You all paid the same amount to get into this diner and damn it, why wait in line? This place is located on a freeway in the middle of no-where in which actions don't cause repercussions. Orderly lines and politeness have all but dwindled away to the pushing and shoving for first. Unfortunately, if you want a chance to get anything, you must act like everyone else or wait until there is nothing but an empty trough laughing back at you as those that pushed the most walk away throwing away more than what they could have needed.

I sigh irl every time I think about coming back, and if it weren't for the few decent folks (and annual pass), this game would have been uninstalled a while ago.
I am stating my opinion. Obviously you don't like it. Honestly, I don't care.