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Calabash, NC

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Re: Suggestion on a decently priced 256 GB SSD?

said by trparky:

To say that there was a major improvement in performance between the HDD and the SSD would be the understatement of the year. Easily a 1000% improvement in performance and I/O bandwidth.

Awesome to hear! I got my SSD today and loaded a fresh install of 7 Ultimate 64-bit on it.

My machine is a simple Dell Inspiron 530, core 2 quad w/ 3GB RAM (plan to upgrade to the 4 it will take shortly) I've noticed an incredible change in the systems response/boot times since the change. I ran some benchmarks on it and they fall around the specs others here have posted. (some even better) My Windows benchmark is 5.9 - brought down by my memory, otherwise it'd be over 7.

So far I'm thinking it's the best $160 I've spent on my computer for performance gain, and am happy I got it. I'm relegating my old drive to data duty.