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[Eng] VOIP issu with Videotron

I a work from at home Montreal and my main office is in Toronto. We use voip and my home setup should be internet - modem - phone - laptop.
Unfortunatly, I'm unable to plug my voip phone into the moedem as it doesn't read the IP address. So my setup looks like this.
internet - modem - router with wi-fi - phone - laptop.
I keep getting tossed of my Toronto server.

Can anyone help me with this.
Lost, confused, and fustrated in Montreal.

En Enfer
This account has been compromised

Montreal, QC
Reset button on the modem should do the trick


Nope not working
but tks.

Mr Videoway

I was having voip issues earlier this week. I lowered the bandwidth on my voip connection and then it worked fine. I just increased the bandwidth back to high and it seems ok now. Don't know if it is related to your problems.