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Lake Grove, NY

Pathetic wifi speeds

So I have my iMac hard wired with cat6 and am getting speeds of 41.45 Mbps down and 23.67 Mbps up.

However, when I do speed tests with my iPad I am getting 8.83 Mbps down and 12.65 Mbps up.

I have a revision D Actiontec.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to why my wireless speeds are so bad?


Midlothian, VA
its wireless that's not unusual. There could be a variety of reasons. Interference, the wireless is set to B not G though not likely if you are getting 12mbps, distance and barriers between you and the router.

You have a very old router and If I recall the Actiontec's have never been strong wireless devices to begin with.

If you can, try moving the channel to 11 and try again. Channel 6 is default and suffers from a lot of interference from everyone else on default.


Fountain Valley, CA
reply to ZNYGUY
definetely change the wifi channels in the router.

try channel 1 first and test it, if it's bad, try 6 and test it, if it's bad try 11 and test it.

Don't stop at just one channel change, that is not enough in most cases.


Huntington Beach, CA
reply to ZNYGUY
You definitely need to replace your router. I had a G router and even then it was not the greatest. I ended up installing my own Netgear 3700 to get decent performance numbers. The ActionTec I recently installed is not quite as good.

Jersey Shore is back again.

Red Bank NJ
said by siersema:

You definitely need to replace your router.The ActionTec I recently installed is not quite as good.

I also have the Rev D Actiontec router and routinely get around 24/24mbs sending and receiving data via wireless-G. Keep in mind distance indoor is very sensitive for wireless-G as its in the 2.4mhz spectrum. Move your Ipad within afew feet of the router to rule out any hardware issue as you should get around 20-25mbs.


Huntington Beach, CA
That is why I use n routing and Netgear. Even though the ActionTec rev I connects with n, it drops easily while the Netgear keeps on communicating.


Santa Monica, CA
reply to ZNYGUY
I have the 25/25 plan. I get 30 down when hard wired and 20 down wireless with an Actiontec router.


Ontario, CA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to ZNYGUY
You didn't say how far you were from the wireless router.

That is pretty standard 802.11g if you are a bit away from it. Usually if you are even right next to it the best you will get is in the 20-24 meg range. I find myself lucky to get >10 meg if I was not in the same room as the router.

With fios there is definitely a need to upgrade to a N wireless network.
300/150 mbit Bonded Verizon FiOS connection FTW!

Independence, OH
you need to replace your router with a router that uses n It will increase speeds and range greatly.

Allendale, NJ
reply to ZNYGUY
You could try replacing your actiontec with a newer one


Midlothian, VA
reply to chip89
said by chip89:

you need to replace your router with a router that uses n It will increase speeds and range greatly.

Well N will increase speed but not always range, N is far more prone to physical interference and signal drop off compared to G, even on the 2.4GHz band and even with the increased power(To make up for the reduction in range many routers in N mode broadcast at a MUCH higher milliwatt rate which is why in part many N routers run hotter than their G counter part.).