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Re: Electronicbox Try To Steal Money From Their customer ???

Yeah Ebox's policy, the way it is written, is bad. I also find it weird that they try to get english customers, yet don't have policies in english. So Ontario people may want to make note of this, or factor this in when choosing a service provider.

I believe they mean to say 30-days advance notice of your billing cycle, which could be any date, but their policy doesn't really say that. oh well.

At worse they should pro-rate this. In other words, if you cancelled today, then you should pay till Sept 17th (ie. 30-days), and the balance of September refunded to you, about 20$ or so.

And no, if they want to pull a Bell and only "credit" you, then that isn't allowed. You have aright to have your money back. I believe even the Quebec Consumers Union wrote of this BS about Bell wanting to only give credits and how people need to stand up for themselves and their right to their money.

So at the very worse, you should have about 20$ given back to you in the forum of a cheque or credit card refund.

If not, then do a few things:
1. Contact the Better Business Bureau, which Ebox is a member of.
2. Contact your credit card company and detail the issue and let them fight with Ebox
3. Do as you stated and contact OPC/ Quebec Consumers Union.
4. Contact the CCTS

Ebox's policy, the way I read it, does not make it easy nor clear.

This BS about credit *only* is just that, BS.