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Lansdowne, PA

STB Pricing Increase - did the multi STB discount go away?

Just got my first bill after the price increase for STBs and DTAs. Prior to the price increase, I got a $2 discount for my HD-STB since I had a MR-DVR in my package. My equipment costs were $20 for the MR-DVR, $10 for the HD-STB, and $4 for the DTA, with a $2 discount for having multiple DVRs/STBs, and a $20 for the DVR free for life. That came out to $12/month for my boxes.

Now, I'm being charged $20 for the DVR, $12 for the STB and $6 for the DTA. I'm only getting the $20 discount for the free DVR promo. This comes out to be $18/month.

Did they eliminate the discount for having multiple DVRs/STBs? I'm planning on getting rid of the DTA for a STB. With the old pricing, I would have gotten an additional $4 off for the 3rd STB. With that discount, it's only $2 more than having the DTA ... which is almost a no brainer.

Now, if I'm not getting a discount for having mulitple boxes, I might not bother with the third STB and just run a long HDMI cable down to the basement.

Anyone know if the multi box discount is gone?

Franklin Square, NY
the discount is not gone, but the minimum might be a total of three STB's not counting the digital adapter. I still get the discount. I have three boxes


Thanks for the reply. I know that I was getting the multi-box discount. I checked through my previous bills and even the order receipt when I signed up.

I guess I'll have to call them to see what's up. I really want to swap that DTA for a regular STB anyways. Hopefully, the discount is still worth it.


Virginia Beach, VA
Did you rebundle recently? My DVR/STB discount went away when I upgraded Internet and downgraded tv. I haven't bothered to call to check on it.


Nope, I didn't rebundle. I need to call them up to rectify the situation. Thanks.

Claymont, DE
reply to ftaok7
I still have the multi box discount however since the stb increase that amount went from 48.98 to 58.98 an increase of $10 (I have multiroom dvr and 4 hd boxes)