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Plano, TX

[DVR] Questions: External drive for 7216 DVR

I have a 7216 DVR. I understand I can connect an Esata external drive, and that the system will first reformat it its own way. Verizon FAQ says recordings will go to the external, until it is full. Sounds like an automatic invisible interface.

Does the DVR menu provide a way to copy past recorded files from one disk to another? Or is it done only the one way? I'm wondering if one could copy a few files from the external to local, before removing the external, for whatever reason. (I understand its format is not compatible on the PC, until reformatted.)

Verizon says they support the few WD external drives with Silkscreen DVR Expander feature, which I think it is more IO threads. Is this necessary, or beneficial, or will any Esata disk work as well? I guess I am just reluctant to by any USB 2 drive today. There are ways to get Esata/USB 3.

Would appreciate any input. Thanks


Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
There is no option to copy recordings from one disk to another.
Not just any eSATA drive will work. Check around the various forums where people have indicated their experiences on what works better than others. Throughput is very important for DVR recordings. "Green" drive features are also problematic.


Verona, NJ
I have tried a few different drives. This one works the best...

»store.westerndigital.com/store/w ··· 59262500


Doylestown, PA
Second Nascar's choice. Have been using one for a year and a half now with no issues. Only thing I've heard bad is that some have reported the e-SATA cable supplied by WD doesn't always work - new cable and all works fine.
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Plano, TX
Verizon recommends one of these

Western Digital – WDBACS5000EBK-NEVZ – 500GB
Western Digital – WDBACS0010HBK-NEVZ – 1TB
Western Digital Retail – WDBABT0010HBK-NESN – 1TB

And the last one is easy to find, so I will try going that way.

Do these disks spin down in idle time, when not being accessed? I know they should, however I tried another 2TB ESata external, and it works here, but it never spins down. The DVR continually keeps its access LED flickering, and you can hear it spin. I would be afraid 24 hour spin would not last very long.

I wondered about connecting them to the AC on the rear of the DVR, that can shut off when the DVR is off. It could not record then, but assume overnight recordings would go to the internal drive then. Any comments contrary to that?


Doylestown, PA
DVR disks never spin down. Your DVR is always buffering the 2 tuners if it is not recording anything so there is no time when they are not being accessed. That's why you don't want a "green" drive or one not rated for DVR service. The WD is.
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