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Re: Electronicbox Try To Steal Money From Their customer ???

said by Guspaz:

said by Vntalk:

seem to be you don't read it right, but the PROBLEM IS NOT THE CHARGE..but the refund...

said by »www.electronicbox.net/en/AUP.html :


[...] Le paiement du service Internet est non remboursable.

Le client doit aviser 30 jours avant le début du mois de son désir d’annuler le service. Autrement, le service ne pourra être arrêté et devra être annulé à la fin du prochain mois. [...]


said by »www.electronicbox.net/en/AUP.html :


[...] The payment for internet service is not refundable.

The client must provide notification of their desire to cancel the service 30 days before the beginning of the month. If this is not done, the service cannot be stopped, and must be cancelled at the end of the following month. [...]

First, there's no english translation of the TOS on the website as look at the previous post.

Second, they said that the service CANNOT BE STOPPED, but i do receive the cancellation email confirming that IT GONNA BE STOPPED as august 31th.

THIRD, Ebox can review and change their TOS as anytime, but the question is : "Will they do it for the benefit of the customer ?"


Montreal, QC

The email confirmation you received confirmed your request for disconnection on the 31st of August.

As mentioned previously (and in your second thread on our forum) we have an escalated ticket for Monday to evaluate this case.

If between now and then you would like you disconnection request modified, we will gladly extend the disconnection date to the 30th of September, in that case there is no loss on your end.

Electronic Box Inc.
Natasha Contardi