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Don't Get Direct TV

After 2 years of Direct TV They have Screwed Their Customers out of Millions of Dollars and will continue to do so I am going to contact the News try to Post as much as I can Its not Fair to the Direct TV Customers. I ended my ordeal with Direct TV and was told to Just turn in Boxes and My account would be Clear Come to find out They added Bogus Charges and now I owe which I shouldnt owe at all If your a Direct TV Custiomer I will Pray for you all. No one should have to deal with the undue stress that Direct TV causes please evaluate your Bills Carefully I know in my heart that this company is not right.

Pissed DML

I need your prayers. I am a current DirectTV customer and they are never forthcoming about their charges. Everything is to benefit them--not the consumer. I have been having fights with them since I ordered their service. I had just bought a new house and I originally wanted 4 boxes, but did not need them at the time. So I only ordered 2 boxes. Come to find out that since I didnt get the boxes when I ordered by services, then they would be $200 a piece to lease, and an additional $6 a month. Free NFL ticket is a joke. Had to pay for it year 2. Can't record movies you buy. I am soooo very done with them.
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