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Clifton, NJ

Center Channel Static/Popping on Some Channels

For the past few weeks I have noticed that I am getting static and popping noises from my center channel when viewing some channels with a Dolby Digital Audio track.

The static is really bad on the Cinemax HD channels, some HBO HD channels and last night I noticed it on AMC.

My first thought was that it was the receiver, but I am not getting it when viewing Movies with 5.1 tracks from another source (XBOX or DVD).

I changed the digital cable from the Box to the receiver and I have also tried to configure my receiver to "No Center Channel" at which point the static then comes over the Left and Right speakers. I have also used another center channel speaker - which also produced the static.

I have yet to try and swap boxes (pulling them out of the cabinet is a nasty job) and I don't have another receiver to test, so I figured I'd post here to see if anyone else was noticing this.

From what I can tell, my cable box signals are good and aside from the occasional pixelation (not even that bad), the audio and picture from the box is just fine. It just seems that certain channels have bad Center Audio tracks.

Example: I DVR'd "The Thing" the other day from one of the Cinemax HD channels, and during certain parts, the static made the movie unwatchable (it was a bad movie to begin with). I could rewind it to the ssame spot and the static would occur each time. To test, I loaded up the On Demand Version (although SD, it has a Dolby 5.1 Mix). The same parts that were consistently staticy were just fine on the ON demand version

Any thoughts or experiences.