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San Diego, CA

[CA] DSreports vs. SpeedTest test results

Hi all,
I have been DSLreports subscriber for years and untill recently (the DSLReports server crash issue) I have been getting a decent speed test results, as expected.
I live in San Diego and I use COX HSI with the advertized speed 25/5 Mb.

If I do the speed test by either using COX test site or the SpeedTest site, I am getting the very similar speed to the advertized speed 25/5 ;

When I use DSLreports test (Java or Flash, doesn't matter) I am getting only 9 to 11 download and 1.2 to 2.3 upload speed

I undersatnd that there might be some "comression" issues around and maybe the size of the files, but if this is the case, it would be nice if DSLreports add a compatible option on DSLreports Test site so this additional selection can be made before performing the tests.
Getting less than a half of the advertized speed from DSLreports site does not make me happy, nor it gives me an argument to maybe comply to COX. Any idea what is going on here? Anyone with the same problem?

Oh, by the way, I also did a test by connecting to a server in NJ and the results are the same (a little bit slower speeds from all tests but relatively speaking the issue is the same)

Metal Head
Escondido, CA
I have the same problem.


Florence, AZ
reply to malivrag
For me the download speed tests are close, but not the upload speeds. They are as follows...

DSLReports DL 18778 Kbps
UL 2079 Kbps

Cox DL 20.67 Mbps
UL 19.37 Mbps

I also get this warning when using the DSLReports Speed Test...

Warning: ISP upload compression was detected. Your upload speeds may be inaccurate.
Praise the Gods, Do Good, Act Bravely.

Cable Centric Vendor Biased
Atlanta, GA
reply to malivrag
java and flash tests can vary a bit, depending on the test site location and size of the download.

The Cox test and the speedtest.net test use the same software what do those show?

San Diego, CA
Thanks for all your comments. As I said earlier, COX and SpeedTest both show 25/5. This is the advertized speed I was promissed from COX.