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Saint Paul, MN
reply to Relkin

Re: New Build, No POST

said by Relkin:

Try clearing the cmos? Remember the 8 pin cpu power cable? Try to power up without any drives attached and only 1 stick of ram? Extra power cables to the vid card on?

Clearing the CMOS allows me to get the 1 second fan run without removing power.

I've got the 8 pin attached, but the PSU doesn't have an 8 pin, it has a pair of CPU 4+4pin Connectors with pins 1 and 2 common and pins 3 and 4 +12 volts. They are keyed and find into the 8 pin connector.

Tried with just one stick of RAM, but had drives attached. Will try without.

Extra power cables are on video card, LEDs indicate good power.
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Have a meter to check and see if power supply is putting out the right voltages? It's sounding like a dead MB or power supply.

If you really want to try everything you could try to flash the bios via the usb port and the bios button on the back.

You could also pull the vid card out and see if it tries to boot, will fail naturally but you should get a red light on the motherboard for vga failure i think.(It has lights for the major parts, ram, vga, boot device...if you didn't know}