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Re: internet problem

I've been getting some pretty bad packet loss and our internet was out for almost 3 hours yesterday (the lights were going from orange to green ALOT). My speeds have been relatively inconsistent too. I live near Joliet, IL.

This started about 2 days ago for me.


Des Plaines, IL

our person who lives a cross from us have wowway cable at
778 e 5th ct #a desplaines il 60016 he had tech oyut and fixed it but he sed he is still flashing and digital break up of his cable tv im having the same so it look like area problem if wowway_dan can look into this and person a cross from us at adderss i posted having same thing must be area if wow_dan can look into this and please fix this i realy like it thanks
sorry so bad spelling and hard to understand im austic person thanks