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American V
Flippin, AR
reply to Kilroy

Re: New Build, No POST

Well, I'm not familiar enough with LGA 2011 platform, but looking @ that board and the first two reviews may give a clue.
It seems they may be having similar trouble with their boards, as you.

From Newegg reviews:

1."Great Board with lots of features

Pros: A lot of features. UEFI offers a great way to tweak settings and all.

Cons: I would have given it 5 but it did take some work to get it to POST. I suggest flashing BIOS to the latest version(1203) with my current build. Also be careful were you connect the CPU fan header. There are 3 fan headers on the top right 1 black 3 pin and 2 white 4 pin. I could not get it post when I had the it in the black fan header but once I moved it it posted.

Other Thoughts: Now it runs smoothly. Windows 7 Pro installed with 16GB of RAM."

2."Pros: Flashback BIOS and offline BIOS upgrade should make this board a winner.

Cons: Getting a board with a working northbridge is a crapshoot.

Other Thoughts: I odered over $2000 of parts from Newegg to build my new uberbox. Cooler Master Cosmos II? Check. Thernaltake 1050W PS? Check. Core i7 3930k? Check. Patriot Viper memory? Check. Corsair H100? Check. Nothing too exotic and brand new.

Received everything with glee on the same da. Called into work to take the following day off, and proceeded to build my new tower of glory. Got it all put together and held my breath. Nothing happened. No Q-codes. Figured the POWERSW connector came loose. Power lights on mobo. Pressing mobo power button did noting also.

Called Asus. Went through the script. moved memory around, no result. Tech basically said mobo was shot, as nothing happened regardless if all memory is removed (which should cause a Q-code squeal).

So now I am stuck with over $2k in equipment I can't use. Phone hours are up so I elect to chat with India. They express their apologies but offer no help in expediting a paid replacement. They could care less."
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