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Dr Beezle


[Wi-Fi] Digital Landing: Deceivers

I called digital landing to pursue a wireless internet connection at my home. I was offered a promotion for Comcast. I repeatedly asked the sales rep to confirm whether there was any catch or any hidden fee. I was repeatedly assured that there was none. After I had given digital landing ALL of my contact information, another rep comes on and tells me that I need CABLE TV in order to get the promotion. THIS IS CLEARLY INTENTIONAL DECEPTION ON THE PART OF DIGITAL LANDING. THIS BUSINESS CLEARLY OPERATES IN BAD FAITH. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYONE TO CHOOSE A MORE ETHICAL COMPANY WHEN SEEKING INTERNET.

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
why not just call comcast? and not a third party reseller??

this really should be under comcast seeing as they have nothing directly to do with this company
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reply to Dr Beezle
This is not the first time that these kinds of issues are happening with Digital Landing. I still remember the issue of fake Amazon.com gift cards. It was not just that, in the year 2008 and 2009, they faced a lot of issues like the emails sent to the ID listed in the website of Digital Landing bounced back (failed) immediately within seconds. Also when some people tried to sign on for Comcast, they received emails that the person has contacted Leapfrog and have to proceed through them for further details. It’s better that we contact Comcast or even any other dealers.

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Bristol, CT
reply to Dr Beezle
As a rule of thumb, when any company offers you something that you would normally simply contract by yourself, they are doing nothing for free...and certainly not for even "better" than you could get on your own.

Thanks for the warning.

I am not being critical, but would point out to others who may be considering ordering Comcast through a third party there is always a cost! If it sounds like a better than normal deal, it almost invariably is not.
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Snohomish, WA
reply to Dr Beezle
I believe The OP is not complaining about comcast, by actaul warning potential comcast users (who may be lurking here) against the evil scammers behind Digital Landings (this is not the first complaint I have heard about them)
They basical remarket (with permission or not) every possible broadband and telco provider, using highly tempting (but extremely suspicious ) "promo" deals to get your email. then the high pressure/hyper salesman attack offering Incredible (incredible = not credible ) to get your order for as much as you'll buy and more.

I thank the OP for making this public here (hopefully every forum, perhaps without the ALLCAPS rant) and hope it saves a few people the misunderstanding he had.

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