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Ballwin, MO
reply to floydb1982

Re: Is Intel HD 4000 IGPU good as Nividia or AMD

said by floydb1982:

Intel is claiming that there HD 4000 IGPU replaces the need to add a stand alone graphics card. I find that hard to believe when the AMD Radeon HD 6870 can handle 1080p high resolution graphics over the Intel HD 3000

1) First question
Can Intel's onboard HD 4000 Graphics run games that uses high 1080p graphics with built in IGPU vs the AMD and Nvidia stand alone PCIx16 video cards with GPU???

2) Second Question
Is an onboard IGPU as good as a stand alone video card GPU???

1-yes and no. Can HD4000 compete with the latest video cards-NO
Can HD compete with 3 year old video cards-probablly
*I just did a recent custom build and while waiting for a a new video card, the on board HD 4000 did not keep up with the highest setting of a brand new intensive game release. When the new video card Radeon HD 7870 arrived, the game was played at highest everything settings and ran smooth.
*bottom line, if you are a gamer, get a good video card.
2-NO. Again, depends on video card. But no when compare to the higher end video cards. IF this was true we wouldnt have
any video card manufacture's