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Mountain View, CA
reply to Relkin

Re: New Build, No POST

That's pretty remarkable, specifically because it does say "No CPU required".

Something has to run the code that does the actual flashing. Something has to run the code that loads a USB stack. Unless there is a completely alternate/separate microprocessor on the motherboard somewhere (maybe something like a PIC16C84), I'm not sure how Asus is doing this.

Maybe there's a little microprocessor inside of that lit "USB" button (yes really, basic/cheap CPUs can fit in there), but I don't know. I'd love to know how they accomplished this.
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After checking the manual I'm fairly sure he would be getting an q code if it was an unsupported processor. Page 2-23 of the manual q code 56 Invalid CPU type or Speed.

As for how asus does the bios flash it's something on the motherboard, you just put the new bios file on any standard fat16 or 32 formatted flash drive and plug it into a specific usb port then press a button for 3 seconds to start it. They don't bother with the details on how it works in the manual.

Still sounds like a bum board or bum power supply to me.

I actually just put together a system using this board and cpu about a week ago. Mines been running like a champ since i put it together.