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Orland Park, IL
reply to Kilroy

Re: New Build, No POST

Same thing happened to me a couple months back with a new Asus Socket 1155 "Sandy Bridge" system. Turns out the trouble with *MY* new build "NO POST" was that some of the MB`s LGA Socket "pins" were bent!

After I RMA`d the MB to, and then received back from Newegg, neither Newegg nor Asus wanted to own up to the bent pins! Asus claimed the pins were fine at the time of inspection when they put their protective cover over the socket,
and Newegg claimed it was damaged goods when I RMA`d it.

The thing is, I did NOT visually inspect the socket BEFORE I initially installed my CPU. I assumed everything was A-OK! I am NO amateur at system building, and have in the past had NO problem correctly inserting a cpu into an LGA socket
and pushing down on a locking arm, so I don`t really know how these pins got to be "bent" in the first place?

There was No way I was ever going to be able to prove it was NOT my negligence which caused the bent pins, which in effect, left me with a dead Motherboard and possibly a burned up CPU.
Suffice it to say, there was only one thing left for me to do, which was to try and UN BEND the pins in question and hope for the best.

I purchased a Head Magnifier with battery powered light to be able to better see, and manually pushed and prodded with a jeweler screwdriver and straight pin the several MB pins back into (semi) correct alignment.
After which replacing the chip and cooler, I was then able to successfully rescue my MB and system back from the dead!

My point to all this is, if you have eliminated all other possibilities for your "NO POST" new build, including incorrect Motherboard brass standoff placement and Power Supply "issues",
you might want to pull the cooler and chip off the MB and have a "good look" into the status of the MB LGA Socket itself, also check the marks on the backside of the cpu where the chip makes contact with the pins
to see if there are indeed (pin) marks on all of the "pads".