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reply to alkizmo

Re: Are panel Interlocks permitted in Quebec

said by alkizmo:

I wonder why people bought milk and eggs before Irene.

Let's assume that the same number of people go food shopping every day. Today is Sunday, so let's say that the weather forecast predicts a hurricane (or snowstorm!) tomorrow. So everyone who would normally go food shopping on Monday is going to go shopping today. That means twice as many people as normal will go shopping today. Of course the stores don't have twice the amount of milk, etc., available today, so they're likely to run out of items.

It's not people stocking up on items. It just that some people go shopping earlier than normal.

Hurricanes aren't really a big deal around here. Snowstorms cause a much greater disruption.

Note for Quebecers: A snowstorm here is 3" or more in a 12 hour period. (Yeah, stop laughing.)