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Oceanside, CA

[CA] Cox Business Internet - Better Modem?

The company I work for is still using a very old Motorola Surfboard modem (the kind that has a USB and ethernet port, not sure of the model) and we're seeing intermittent network issues in the middle of the day when it's warmer and there's more traffic going on in the office. Cox says everything is fine. I checked the signals and things seem fine there.

My gut is telling me that maybe we could get a more stable connection with a newer modem, but Cox won't give us one unless we go up two speed levels from where we are currently.

Is there a list of models we can just go buy ourselves, and then call Cox and have them provision it?


Las Vegas, NV
i would recommend a Cisco DPC3010 you can pick one up at your local cox store for about $80 and all you have to do is call in and get it provisioned

reply to sh10151
Before buying a modem out of pocket if you have a business connection i would first call support and make sure retail modems are allowed in your area. Would be a real bugger to buy one just to then be told they will not put it on your account.
Otherwise though cox has been moving to using all cisco docsis 3 modems lately. They are a very good modem and because docsis 3 bonds to multiple channels where docsis 2 only bonds to 1 channel there is bound to be a more reliable connection. Speed will not change but you might see fewer drops.

Omaha, NE
cox still uses motorola


Las Vegas, NV
said by ajwees41 :

cox still uses motorola

They still use Moto in some markets but most seem to be going to the Cisco. D3 models from Moto and Cisco are good modems that they sell in the Cox stores. So either one would be a good choice.

reply to sh10151
Cox Business typically provides a Cable Modem for Cable Modem Business Internet service to each address they have on file.

I have been told that even though I have a Cisco DPC3010 (previously used on the Cox Residential side), Cox Business will not provision the modem unless it is one that is provided by them.

That's not to say that you couldn't get a replacement without having to upgrade your speeds...but it may take a call to a higher level tech to get anything really looked into. Perhaps one of our Cox support reps on the forums will be able to assist you more.

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