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Stupid question 2 vpn service.

I am thinking of getting DoubleVPN service they seem to be expensive. So I am thinking instead, getting 2 different vpn service, A uses OpenVPN while B Uses PPTP

If I were to connect to PPTP then I connect OpenVPN. Does my connection tunnels to pptp then to Openvpn?

What ip will be seen in A's log? My real IP or B's ip.

Or should I just forget this method and try find cheaper doublevpn service lol.


If you're asking whether you should tunnel within a tunnel, the answer is no, it's pointless.

The only thing that comes close to this is onion routers, which provide a certain amount of anonymity because it's never the case that any single proxy knows both the source IP and destination IP at the same time. But we have tools for these purposes already, such as the TOR network.


Tor isn't exactly fast, most paid vpn service are faster for daily use. But still Tor has come a long way since its early beginnings I remember using it back then it was quite slow compare to nowadays. The rate of its development I would probably use it all the time in couple years time.

The other question regarding what ip shows up in B (OpenVPN service), if I am correct it would be the PPTP's ip am I right?


reply to AnonMice
It's no different than any other service/website you would connect to via B (PPTP). A will see B's public IP, not your public IP.

I didn't suggest TOR because it was fast, but only because if anonymity is the goal (and the use of multiple VPNs suggests that it is, at least to me), it's far more effective (and yes, at the cost of performance).


Thank you for the clarification.