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[Info] Windows 8's built-in AV to be security of last resort

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Microsoft changes behavior of Windows Defender in Windows 8 to please OEMs & Security companies


In Windows 8, Windows Defender is actually Microsoft Security Essentials. Those who have installed Windows 8 may have noticed that Microsoft has rechristened Microsoft Security Essentials as Windows Defender. In its earlier iterations, while the former offered anti-virus protection, the latter gave anti-spyware protection. In Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to combine both these protections in one program and call it Windows Defender.


According to Microsoft:
"Microsoft Security Essentials will not be needed on Windows 8. We remain committed to providing strong protection of Windows 7 and earlier Windows users with Microsoft Security Essentials. Both are based on the same core technology (engine, signatures, filter driver), but Windows Defender on Windows 8 also provides additional functionality, such as integration with Windows 8 secured boot."


When you buy a computer, it typically comes installed with a lot of trialware, crapware or bloatware, including trial versions of antivirus and security software.


When the trial period expires, the user is constantly reminded to buy the software. When Windows Defender detects that the antivirus definitions are outdated, Windows 8 will now start a count-down for 15 days. During this period of 15 days, the Action Center will continue to warn the user to update their antivirus definitions or install a security software.

At the end of 15 days, the warning will expand and offer multiple options:
• The user can renew their existing antivirus software
• Uninstall their existing software and activate Windows Defender or
• Select another security software from Microsoft Store
• Click on the Remind me later button – which now starts another 7 day countdown.

Windows 8 will activate Windows Defender only if it detects that the computer is not protected by another security program.


More @ »www.thewindowsclub.com/microsoft ··· +Club%29

Windows 8's built-in AV to be security of last resort
Integrated Windows Defender will activate only on PCs sans antivirus software or after other products have expired
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