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Savious Zero
Simply the best
Belgrade, MT
reply to stvnbrs

Re: [D3] Barbarian Thread - Diablo 3

said by stvnbrs:

Not sure what to think here. I don't see anyone worried about the stacks between 3-5 of frenzy due to 2-handers being obsolete, Bash and Cleave need to be balanced based off of 5 stacks of frenzy plain and simple due to the time between stacking being minimal.

The other current problem is the fact that though we would love to use all these cool abilities, we currently required all our slots besides 1 going to defensive skills just to survive. I know they are changing things, but we will have to see how much it makes a difference. No matter what Blizzard does to skills, if Barbs can't survive in combat, all other abilities will be defensive leaving a shitty gaming experience.

I am optimistic that they are doing more to help this game, but time will tell.

Supposedly 2h are getting buffs. Right now I am only running one defensive skill on my barb and doing okay in act 2, and my gear maxed out at probably 1 million gold. Im using a 2h axe.
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