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Valdosta, GA

[Help] Belkin router connected to HP printer

I have the HP D1110 Photosmart All in One printer which has worked fine connected wirelessly to a Linksys WT54G router. This router crashed about 2 months ago and I installed a Belkin N750 DB Wireless router. On the network I have a desktop PC running Windows Vista Home Premium connected by ethernet, a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 connected wirelessly, and my HP D110 also connected wirelessly. The HP software is installed on both computers.

After installing the Belkin router, I began to notice my desktop PC's screen flickering and hearing what sounds like the sound of a thumb drive being installed and removed from a USB port. This is occuring as frequently as every few seconds and sometimes every couple of minutes. I uninstalled every device that was connected to any of the USB ports on the desktop PC but the problem continued. With these devices unplugged, I turned off the HP D110 and the problem went away.

I next disconnected the cables to my router and turned all devices off then restarted the router, connected the desktop PC, restarted the desktop, then restarted the printer. The problem was still present. I have checked for updates and my printer is up to date. I uninstalled the HP software and reinstalled. The problem still is present. I ran a printer network test and printed the network configuration. The HP D1110 passed everything and shows "connected". My printer prints, scans, receives emails...no problem.

I continue to have this annoying problem despite my printer's successful operation. I have searched online for solutions and have checked and double checked my router and printer wireless settings. I have even changed the printer IP address to static and made sure the IP address, MAC address and DNS match the router. I am using WPA/WPA2/PSK security, WPA-PSK-WPA2-PSK authentication and AES encryption.

I would really appreciate someone's input on this because this annoying problem only goes away if I shut down the printer.

Thanks in advance