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Camelot One
Greenwood, IN

[Scam] Fake Paypal Payment notifications

It has been awhile since I have posted anything for sale on Craigslist. In the old days, the scammers would take the time to dummy up a fake USPS money order, or at least a fake check printed using someone's stolen checking account info. And I could see how that might catch a non-internet savvy person.

But it seems the current breed of thieves just sends a bogus Paypal Payment notification, claiming the funds are being held until a tracking number is provided. They aren't even well faked emails, as they bare no resemblance to a real paypal payment notification. I thought maybe the idea was just to steal legitimate paypal logins using phishing links in the email, but aside from the email address they want you to send the tracking info to, all of the links in the fake email actually point to the real paypal site. And obviously if the mark checked, the account would show no sign of a payment.

My question is, does this crap really work? I know some people can be naive, but this seems to require a whole new level of stupidity on the part of the mark. And I find I am almost insulted by the extreme laziness on the part of the scammers.


Gloucester, ON
If it didn't work at some point down the line, they wouldn't bother doing it.

Lets face it, it costs them pennies to fake stuff on the internet to send and receive etc (say 15$ for a cheap internet account) then steal a hotmail or yahoo account, use that to send teh bogus form, and if you fall for it and SHIP the stuff to them, they make off with your goods.

I had one contact me when I had a listing, "I will senda check and cover postage and payment" I replied with "Cash only, no or no deal" never heard back.

RIP lil hurricane
Brandon, FL
·Bright House
reply to Camelot One
It has worked for many years. I didn't know they were using it on Craigslist tho. Because of this it pretty much caused me to stop using eBay. I'd get bombed with the fake emails to the point of threats because of not verifying that I shipped.

It amazes me these scams live for so long but unfortunately noobs are born daily and haven't a clue.
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