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reply to sortofageek

Re: SB6120 Firmware Updated (7/19/12)

said by sortofageek:

IMO, this version of the firmware shows those DHCP "warnings," but they are not an issue.

I suspect they were there with the older firmware or, at least, the same normal things were happening. We just didn't see them. They show up now at the intervals set by the DHCP server, but nothing bad is happening. It's just business as usual between you and that server.

If they set the intervals at six days, you would see the message every six days, but they would be just as unimportant to your connection as they are now.

If there was a problem with renewing your IP, you would lose connection. You would know there was a problem without even looking at those logs.

I agree, here's my log and the DHCP warnings occur once a week at the same time (+10 seconds). The new firmware was downloaded on July 24th.