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Load balancing on Mikrotik - help

Hello all,
Well, my Mushroom load balancing server finally died, so I am trying to make basic load balancing work with my Mikrotik.

Right now, I am trying to get 2 WAN interfaces load balanced using 2 cable internet feeds. Both are dynamically assigning information to the Mikrotik port.

I am using a modified version of this script:
» ··· by-zaib/

Problem is, both of my cable modems are in the same subnet and have the same gateway. According to the notes, the above can be made to work by putting a router between the cable modem and the Mikrotik port. I am trying that, but not getting traffic on both WAN ports at the same time.

I am not well-versed using Mikrotik, but learning thru hands on experience.

Can anyone help with this? I can post my MK config if needed.

I have posted this in the Mikrotik forum, but I am being completely ignored for some reason.



Rosston, TX
said by jakkwb:

I have posted this in the Mikrotik forum, but I am being completely ignored for some reason.



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contact my buddy greg sowell @: »

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
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Interface routing


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Sorry not sure about LB in mikrotik, but am curious why did your mushroom load balance server die? We were looking at maybe getting a truffle for one of our locations and were wondering how they work and if they were dependable. Might have to look into mikrotik LB myself...


have you heard of kti bonding? we have started to use it and it works pretty well. I am currently bonding a ds3 and a cable connection with no issues and see around 70-100Mpbs aggregated.


Siren, WI
said by robertp221 :

have you heard of kti bonding? we have started to use it and it works pretty well. I am currently bonding a ds3 and a cable connection with no issues and see around 70-100Mpbs aggregated.

What kind of pricing do they offer? I have a plenty fast enough primary connection, but my backup connection currently consists of 2 load balanced DSL connections, which will probably be doubled to 4 DSL connections in the near future. It works, but not as well as it could with a system like KTI. But it would really depend on the price since this is only a backup connection.


Dominican Re
From their website:

$59 base + $59/leg (each line) + Cost of connections

That's for 50GB/month for each line, each additional GB is $1.50

Very expensive for primary use, maybe good for using in backup lines, as is your case. They include the hardware, so you only pay the rent of the services.



We host our own setup so its a bit cheaper then that i believe. Currently we have the Aggregator on a ESX box at a data center and then at the main pop we have the bonder and configuration server on another ESX box that hosts other VM's.

Saybrook, IL
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Is there any reason (other than cost) that you can't get a single, decent, dedicated feed, so you don't have to mess with this?


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Yah, the problem I had with the Mushroom first was it blew a power supply. I purchased the Mushroomit used, and they let me purchase a service contract (one year) so I could update the firmware. Power supply naturally died after the SC had expired. So, I opened the case and put in my own power supply, like any techie would do. The Mushroom powered up normally, but I could not get the web interface screen to come up. Tried everything...I did not have much choice at the time then to send it to them to have them fix it. Indeed, it was the power supply. The repair was pretty reasonable. Got it back, put it right back in service.

So, came in one morning, Internet access was down, phone ringing off the wall. Did some quick checking, and found the Mushroom to be the culprit. It was steady beeping, so I opened the case to reseat and then test the ram (beeping on PCs is almost always ram). That did not take care of them problem, still beeping. Put another power supply in it, powered up, and again (like above) it "acts" like it is starting normally. But, again, I cannot get into the web interface screen.

I contact Mushroom about it, it was less than a year on the power supply they installed. But, since I opened the case, I voided the warranty on it. They are not offering any support to me at all, even though it is pretty obvious the power supply is part if not all the problem.

I service computers when I am not working on my wireless network. Opening a computer is something I do every day, so I didn't think twice about it.

There is no video out on the server, so I don't know what is going on with it. However, there is a connector on the motherboard for video, but I have not taken the time to build an adapter for it.

So, that is my experience with Mushroom. The server does work fairly well at combining WAN access, but I cannot say much for their support.


Athens, OH
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Well, since I posted this originally, ATT has made fiber available to our town. I guess I am the first in line as they said it would take 90 days to install, but at the discounted price they offered me, I could not resist.

So, I am shelfing load-balancing for the time being. I may revisit it again later and see if I can get it to work....


La Jolla, CA
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+1 WHT's comment.

You might want to change your country of origin to one "they" like.
That is, if you want a response in a reasonable time frame.
Although there are some good people on that forum.