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El Paso, TX
reply to cdru

Re: Are any of you guys surprised about this?

said by cdru:

How do you figure? All the phones are already made in other countries, even for domestic companies. A foreign company needing to import a phone likely would have just as hard of a time if not harder time getting a phone distributed in the US then a domestic company.

I realize they are made in other countries, and yes i also know it's easier to ban imports than domestics.
Now, Lets fast forward just 7 more years, and technology allows for new products that aren't possible today. You have the means to bring this product to reality. Where do you go?
My guess is you wouldn't even try to test the legal system of the U.S. Instead, you could just target the rest of the world for your market. China should be just as big as a market as the US by then, if not bigger. and well, then there's the rest of the world.

If you start to really think about what is really going on here. It's companies fighting for the "ownership" of consumers.
We've already seen what the government is willing to do for the likes of the MPAA, and we're about to find out what it's willing to do for Apple.

And sure, i understand that their "guff" with Samsung is about the look and feel of the competition. Well, at least that's the reason they give. When in fact we all know the real reason is that they have a formidable competitor that is beating them everywhere else in the world.

I guess the only thing we can do is /popcorn. and watch this charade go on.