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Re: Is Charter's Four Room $20.00 DVR Ad Deceptive?

"Once again" *I* am wrong?? I've never quoted you or commented to anything on you.. so please take the personal attack elsewhere.

Going to clarify here.. for a new subscriber, they will see "$20 for Up to 4 DVRS!!"... no way are they going to see the quick subtext in a 2pt font at the bottom of a screen for a half a second that reads: "plus an additional $5 per box".

Not everyone stays up on the whole cost of equipment nowadays, and with many companies taking a loss on equipment to get subscribers, it's not unheard of to think a cable co might make a simple $20 for 4 DVRs...

Regardless of how someone may argue this, one way or another, it's all a matter of personal opinion. My claiming something is deceptive to me, is not necessarily something you may think is deceptive.

The OP wanted opinions, and telling someone they're wrong for their opinion is rather immature.

Hence why I openly said I respectfully disagree with your opinion.. I didn't come out and say 'NO!!! YOU'RE WRONG!!'.. it's your opinion and you're entitled to it. Just as the rest of us are entitled to ours as well.