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Re: [Official] Tera Online Thread

sorry, i really don't follow you confuse too many things about this game, but whatever - you seem hostile about this game, so why are you not playing gw2 instead?

bg is a mix of both pvp and pve acheivments, so both gear types will be useful there. while cosmetically certain gear will be specific to bg, other t14 drops will be farmed elsewhere. it's kind of like the zebra mount - it means you beat kelsaik hm, but you run just as fast as others. black gear from bg will mean you are on top of that instance, but people doing other new instances may still achieve better t14 gear than you.

Tera has a great Enigmatic gear system which respects the fact that players who pvP more, can't farm as much, so it does the following;

best: crafted gear (requires other's help and preparation)
good: pvp gear from nexus (can manage on your own with work)
fair: instance dropped gear (can do alone/party-match from luck)

so you grind to craft which requires party help, you get the best gear. if you pvp all week and only grind nexus/dailys solo weekends, you still get good gear. if all you do is farm alone and party with strangers for lucky boss drops, you get fair gear. i'm not saying it's the best system of all mmo's ever written, but it works pretty well for Tera.