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Ypsilanti, MI

[Speed] SE Michigan Slow Uploads (& Downlods) ?


I made a post about this in the Direct forum, but I was wondering if any of you in the area have seen anything like this:

I subscribe to the 22/5 business class package [in Ypsilanti Twp, MI] and have been seeing slower than normal speeds and higher than normal ping times for the past week or so.

The speeds I normally see are as follows:

Upload [Powerboost]: 10 mbit/sec
Upload [Sustained]: 4.8-5.0 mbit/sec
Download [Powerboost]: 50-80 mbit/sec
Download [Sustained]: 20-22 mbit/sec

However, for the past week, I have been seeing speeds more along the lines of:

Upload [Powerboost]: 4.5 mbit/sec
Upload [Sustained]: 1.0-2.0 mbit/sec
Download [Powerboost]: 25 mbit/sec
Download [Sustained]: 10-15 mbit/sec

Just now, for instance, I ran a test against the Detroit server on »speedtest.comcast.net (with no other computers connected to the cable gateway) and the results were:

Ping: 20 ms
Download Speed: 23.77 mbit/sec [Peak: 24.79 mbit/sec]
Upload Speed: 1.00 mbit/sec [Peak: 1.00 mbit/sec]

I am puzzled as to what could be causing this. I have tried the usual steps of power cycling the cable gateway, ensuring that both ends of the coaxial cable are firmly connected, and of disconnecting all but one computer from the gateway and doing the tests then. I tried that with two different computers, one at a time.

I have not noticed any significant changes in my signal levels recently, but I have attached them to this message as images.

I am not terribly troubled by the drop in download speeds, but the slower upload speeds are causing problems for me.



Grandville, MI
We've had the same issue pop up over here on the west side of the mitten. Had multiple business class customers that pretty much lost their upload speed. Most, if not all were less than what you were showing. Signal was beautiful, no noise in the node. No amount of resetting the mode would clear it up. Reloading the config file for static ip sets did not help either.

What we found was something in the CMTS wasn't right. Assuming that what we had as made it your way it is fixable. A modem swap took care of it here. There is also a way for the XOC to fix it as well, the local Michigan XOC wasnt doing it the one from Big South was handling these calls.

The exact details of what caused the issue never made it to us, just the fix. Comcast Steve may be able to bypass the step of having the tech to roll and just doing the fix remotely

This assumes that your issue is the same one that hit our market and some others...


reply to DrDeke
Here are my speeds
»speedtest.net/result/2134878386. ··· 8386.png

Ann Arbor, MI
·Comcast Business..
reply to DrDeke
We had some slow downs a few weeks ago on the west side of Ann Arbor. Also on BC 22/5. Now back to normal, but upload is still much slower than 18 mo ago when we had 80/30 powerboost typically.


Ypsilanti, MI
reply to DrDeke
Comcast got this fixed today. It turned out to be a provisioning problem. It's great to have everything back to normal.