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reply to Skipig

Re: Satellite

said by Skipig:

You guys drive me batty. You should refer to yourselves as the 3%. The 3% that hogs 50% of all bandwidth. Enough is never enough! Satellite delivers 12Mbps almost everywhere. Yes, I know, there are data caps. But, that's the nature of the technology and no different than LTE Advanced. You can now get satellite for under $50 (the same as a Verizon LTE MiFi), but with four times the data caps. As a taxpayer, I don't particularly want to fund those of you who live on the edge of the grid and demand fiber or coax so you can choose to watch NetFlix to save yourselves a few sheckels.

You pay $50 for 7.5GB of data per month with ~700ms latency and speeds that rarely reach half of 12mbps and tell me if your opinion changes after a year.

As a tax payer, I don't like paying for your libraries, fancy over-done schools, auditoriums, and the dozens of other projects we pay for with taxes. But I don't have a choice because they supposedly "better" society. Eliminating a digital divide is equally as important of a need for our digital economy.