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Snohomish, WA

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Re: Progress is good, almost...

I'm not saying forever, I saying Satellite is a quick fix and eventually higher speeds as greater population density will make it more practical.
Suppose that the last group of 6 million average $50k per install (some FCC staff voice this concern/guesstimate) and suppose the very last million are like some guys in a cabins 200 miles for nowhere (but not near each other) Alaska) which could cost millions to install and maintain even if he doesn't want or use it (some people move to the ends of the earth to get away from it all) At some point we have to say, "That is currently impractical, and the public/rest of the rate payers cannot be expected to subsidize it."
I think a reasonable effort to provide ACCESS to basic broadband (enough to use gov't and educational websites, email, job apps etc.) MIGHT be partially public responsiblity.
I don't think low latentcy gaming, or massive bandwidth for filesharing is or should be a federal priority for subsidy.
Yes I have broadband now, but I started with 300 baud modems and moved up over thr years through satellite and DSL and now Cable and if a fiber or LTE option was available I would consider it v.s. what I have now, but I don't expect others to subsidize my upgrade or anyone elses beyond really basic service WHERE PRACTICAL.