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When all are gone, there shall be none

Cleveland, OH
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: About damn time...

said by IowaCowboy:

...In my opinion, I think Android infringes on Apple since they have the look and feel of iOS. I think a good settlement would be interoperability of Android and iOS apps (like many software programs work on both Windows and Mac OS computers) and being able to sync Android devices with iTunes as well as iCloud support on Android. I have tried Android but went back to iPhone as Android devices don't play nice with the Macs I own.

A couple points here:

1. I am on my second Android phone, and we currently have five and none of them resemble the IPhone

2. Android does not "play nice" with the Apple products because Apple uses a closed source proprietary protocols. Only Apple products "play nice" with other Apple products.

3. Apple has always copied what was out there then tried to force a lock out. There current OS line is taken directly from BSD which is a Unix, they just slapped a different UI on top of it.

This being said what makes Apple products so popular is the same thing I hate about their products: They take away from user choice giving everyone the exact same interface and options. I would also like to know which programs can run on both Linux and Windows unmodified and natively. Other than programs written entirely in an interpreted language like Java I have never heard of such a thing.
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