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Lumberton, TX
reply to stvnbrs

Re: [GW2] Official DSLR Guild: Aftershock (SHOK) Info

said by stvnbrs:

• You start with 1 ability, use it to unlock the next and so on for the first 5 abilities.
• Equipping different weapons changes your abilities in the 1-5 slots (1-5 on your keyboard). If you have been useing a 2-hand sword and move to 2x 1-hand swords, you will have 1 ability and have to unlock the rest.
• Your 3 & 4 ability are tied to your off hand weapon or just part of the 2-hander. (except for Thieves, their 3 ability changes based on the 2 weapon combination they are using.)

Oh crap. I'll need a cheat sheet. lol
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