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Snohomish, WA
reply to telcodad

Re: [Bill] Comcast DTA

And the people on the phones, chat and the(admittedly fairly generic) flyer in the DTA box say the opposite.
once again comcast's worst ability (COMMUNICATION) is showcased.
Being fairly technical and somewhat of a fan boi I have at least considered and researched other possiblities, but many around here( particularly those that can only afford limited basic on their analog tv or even a basic digital flatscreen must be somewhere between fully confused and panic.
ComCast COULD much enhance their image, by being total clear and concise, even verbose out this latest round of digtal transition even if it costs them a few higher, "panic" this time.

Quakertown, PA
In the end even a digital qam tuner wont do you any good. But its done in steps so there is no clear answer. What works now wont work 6 months down the line. Read the flyers as they come and you get your answer. Bottom line is in the ned you will need boxes for everything.

reply to danieln11
Every area probably varies based on local agreements, but in my FFO the 2 free are grandfathered in as long as you keep them and active service. If you cancel and then resubscribe they are no longer free or if you are disconnected for nonpay and then rehookup they are no longer free either. If you keep the 2 you got way back when and stay a loyal subscriber they should not have a charge from what we have been told. Again your area may vary, but I think I would call and explain and just politely inquire as to if you are supposed to be charged as you were told they were free when you got them. Can't hurt to try.