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Oakville, ON
reply to marknotmarc

Re: [DSL] Cellpipe random reboots / loss of sync (Check logs ple

said by marknotmarc:

I thought you were in a different boat in which you had the firmware which, for most people who had it, was stable. Your issue was with losing synch. Whereas rjenholder has the rebooting firmware.

Well I managed to acquire another Cellpipe with firmware on it, dump the EEPROM chip with the firmware and flash it on the Cellpipe given to my by Teksavvy, and no change. I tried it on my 7330 port (I'm lucky enough to have one of each) and it stayed stable for a whole day (with test@test, of course; Bell would never let me use my TSI login on one of their lines).

I just realized something while writing this: the firmware I had for so long ( has "ISAM" in the name. Although the abbreviation's true meaning isn't clear to me, ALU uses it in all of their marketing documents for their 733x series of FTTN equipment. I wonder... is there any definitive guide to which firmware should be used with either type of line card in the DSLAM?

Regardless, I understand the true nature of your post. I hate it when people bitch on the forums (à la "TSI sucks because of an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with them and everything to do with me/my equipment/my line") so I should stop doing the same. Appreciate the call-out (helps keep me in check).