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Canada, QC

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Looking to hier a web-developer

Hello everyone,
where would be the best place to look for a web-designer?

Looking to rebuild a site into something with a database of products, sort and search the products, mailing list for staying in touch with clients and the possibility for updates to the products database to be made by someone who is not a web-designer. Oh and it has to look clean too!

I've played with Drupal and it gave me a head ache. Read about WP until that gave me a headache as well. Looked into Joomla but I've got zero experience with any CMS.

Open to have someone walk me through the process or have them completely take over. Yes is a paying gig!

Any opinions / advice out there?


Peter M

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Saint Louis, MO
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Re: Looking for web-designer

Google for it. "web designer MyTown". Then look at their portfolios to see if you like their stuff. Then interview them.

I'm assuming you're willing to pay. If you want to do this for under a thousand dollars then Craigslist might be your only hope. (If Craigslist works in Canada) That and college bulletin boards.

btw, you might be looking for a web developer and not a designer.

Canada, QC

Wish I had the chance to read the deleted posts...

Yes it is a paying job. I've edited my original post to make it clear.

Howardfine, thanks for the advice. Craig's list and Colleges makes perfect snes.

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